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These worksheets can help English language students with both their language and electronic literacy skills. Worksheets are in Microsoft Word and provide students with valuable employment skills in using word processing packages. There are also some hot Potatoes exercises whcih provide self-directed practice in spelling, punctuation and grammar. These exercises should be useful for all English language students - ESOL, ESL, or EFL

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Present simple or continuous 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Past simple - matching 1 , 2 ; crossword ; Queen Victoria ; Princess Diana

Past simple / past continuous 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

Making questions , Changing sentences, Crossword

Auxiliary verbs / Question tags

Comparatives , Comparatives crossword , More comparatives

Superlatives - matching , spelling , matching 2

Comparatives and superlatives, 2

Describing someone - matching , complete the gaps 1 , 2

Describing personality - crossword , opposites

Appearance/personality opposites

Appearance crossword

Speaking and Listening exam - part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4



On/at/in time prepositions

Present perfect -crossword , matching , complete the gaps , spellings

Present perfect or past simple

Uncountable nouns

Obligation - present, present and past


E3 CCM grammar exercises , English File online , Headway intermediate online


    Punctuation and Keyboard skills         Personal information  



Richard and Sarah paragraph

Maurizio Celi paragraph









Correct the sentences 1

Correct the sentences 2

Correct the mistakes 3







    Describing People         Like  




Paul's describing people exercises, 1, 2, 3, 4

Sarah's describing people exercises, 1, 2, 3

Correct these sentences 4




What do they like doing?

'Like' text recon/error correction exercise A, B, C

Daniel Text


    Auxiliary Verbs         Prepositions  








Student A auxiliary verbs

Student B auxiliary verbs

Question tags









What preposition to use when talking about times.

Fix the text: Time prepositions

time prepositions 2


TOP   Present Simple Questions         Present Simple or Present Continuous?  







Student A The Dinka Full: The Tuareg Gapped, Pics: 1, 2, 3

Student B The Tuareg Full: The Dinka Gapped, Pics: 1, 2,

Web extension, maps


Student A - An Arab Wedding

Student B - A Chinese Wedding

Romance and marriage








Present simple or present continuous 1

Present simple or Present Continuous 2

Present continuous or present simple 3

Present simple or present continuous 4


TOP    Citizenship     TOP   Past simple








What is Parliament? (Easy)

The Commonwealth.
Reading Worksheet 1 or 2.
Link to CBBC Newsround site
True/False Quiz based on the reading

Reading exercise - timed - untimed-

St George - story order picture

Chinese New Year reading exercise

Queen Elizabeth II reading gapfill

William Shakespeare reading gapfill

Charles Dickens

exercise 2

exercise 3
















Past simple irregular verbs

Forming past simple questions

Past simple error correction

Used to...

past simple who questions

Past Simple Questions worksheet and Instructions

Change the verbs: A Bad Holiday part one, part two

Past simple and past continuous : Change the verbs and re-order the text: The Bald knight

Christmas Day 2006 - text reconstruction a b

Princess Diana Instructions, Princess Diana Worksheet,

Princess Diana - Answers,

Princess Diana - Extension


    Speaking and Listening Practice      TOP   Grammar Reviews  




1. Component 1 Practice (describing, comparing)

2. Gapped sentences part 4 and part 1 1

3 Roleplay exercises

3. Error Correction Exercises

4. Trinity part 2 - a gapped story

5. re-order the story part 2










Grammar Review 1: Student A, Student B

Answers 1 (for A and B)

Grammar Review 2:Student A, Student B

Answers 2 (for A and B)

Error Correction

Grammar Review 3:Student A, Student B: April 06

Grammar review 4: May 06

Grammar Review 5

Grammar Review 6: June 06


TOP   Grammar         Grammar  














Comparatives and Superlatives Review

The planets - comparatives and superlatives

Feb 2006 Progress Test Review

Adjectives Review

Adjectives Review 2

1st or 2nd conditional

1st or 2nd conditional 2

Present perfect or past simple 1

Present perfect or past simple? 2

Present Simple Passive

Passive- present simple

Past Simple Passive

Helen Keller Story re-order activity

past participles





Present perfect- Correct the mistakes

Uncountable Nouns Practice

Uncountable nouns practice 2

Uncountable nouns 3

Articles exercise one, exercise two

Articles three

Articles four

Obligation - correct the mistakes

Obligation gap fill

Obligation Student A, Student B

Education gapped text

Gerunds /infinitives 1, 2

Reported speech 1, 2




TOP   Reported Speech         2010  



Reported questions exercise

Reported speech exercise

Unscramble the story (writing practice with reported speech)












TOP   Web Reading          




Sainsbury's Shopping 1

Sainsburys Shopping 2





Health - Using the NHS direct website. Info sheet, colds and flu worksheet


    General Writing     TOP   Writing Practice


1. Christmas break correction text, Instructions; Key

2. What I did at the Weekend: Intructions, Key

3. My Aunt Emily; Word version Instructions

4. My Favourite room
Version 1 - very hard
Version 2 - easier

Instructions. Key

5. All about Daniel
Hard version,
Easier version

6. A trip to York

7. I lived in Bangkok


8) Sick Note, sick note gap fill

9) Where I live, version one, version two

10) I met a boy on the plane

11) worksheet My friend Ali. Skeleton text construction worksheet
































Question One

Correct the sentences Int A March 06

a) My first day at College, (mixed eroor correction and gapped text) Instructions, spelling mistake exercise

b) Little Red Riding Hood (error correction) exercise; Instructions

c) Trip to Museum of Science and Industry (error correction)

d) The Best day of my life (error correction)

e) Letter for a Job interview about a typical day (gapped text).

f)Aug 05 Q1 Somewhere I've visited recently (error correction)

g) What has happened to you since you came to the UK (error correction)

h) Write about a film or TV programme (gapped text).

i) A trip to Cairo worksheet paper correct

Question Two

a) Informal invitation to a party worksheet, Instructions, Key

Error correction, instructions

b) Community Centre Letter to correct; Instructions

c) Email to friends about English teacher's visit (gapped text).

d) worksheet Invitation to a college Party. Worksheet

e) Invite a friend to the seaside (gapped text).

f)Informal letter party invitation




[ ]











TOP   Web Reading          


1. Comparing Weather Websites worksheet
2. Capital Cities weather 1
Capital Cities weather 2
Worksheets for students to fill in

3. Capital Cities matching activiy

4. Where in the World? World wide weather search worksheet

5. Weather comparatives worksheet




Superlatives practice: Guinness World Records Task

06 Jan 2006 Guinness Records Site


matching game ,

grammar preview (mixed up sentences)

Information sheet -access site,

Worksheet (gapfill),

Make your own questions
Answers PPT





































British Council Resources

BBC Skillswise

test your level

sequencing switching on and off the computer









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